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Mills Teachers Scholars

WHAT’S SEL GOT TO DO WITH ACADEMICS? This video describes the impact of the the demo-school work/partnership between Mills Teachers Scholars, Center for the Collaborative Classroom, and OUSD’s SEL&L Team. This video also highlights how SEL is integral to Academics.

SEL SKILLS FOR READING WORKSHOP: In this video, elementary school teachers, Molly Shannon and Jaymie Sacramento and former SEL&L Coordinator, Mary Hurley, discuss the SEL skills needed to engage in partner work.

SEL AS THE CONNECTOR: In this video OUSD SEL&L Program Manager, Sonny Kim, discusses how he aims to support demo school sites.

THE POWER OF REFLECTIVE PRACTICE: In this video, OUSD teacher, Caroline Chumo, describes how Mills Teachers Scholars has helped her engage in reflective practice to continuously improve pedagogy and practice.

PARTNERSHIPS: In this video, Mills Teachers Scholars Executive Director, Carrie Wilson, discusses how the OUSD SELL Office has influenced MTS in their understanding of SEL and Adult Learning.

DAILY SEL CHECK-IN MEETINGS: In this video Molly Shannon, an OUSD kindergarten teacher, described the benefits of using Caring School Community, and evidenced based SEL program, daily.

MTS IN CONVERSATION: In this video three MTS engage in a protocol around sharing data and discussing their inquiry with each other. (Link coming soon!)

Caring School Communities and Restorative Justice Connections 

BUILDING SEL SKILLS FROM ELEMENTARY TO MIDDLE SCHOOL: RJ Coordinator, Kyle McClerkins, and Youth RJ Leader, seventh grader, Teddy Mates-Munchin, discuss what RJ is, how it can create positive school climate and what connections there are to Caring School Community.

COMMUNITY BUILDING: RJ Coordinator, Kyle McClerkins shares about the power of community building activities.

IMPORTANCE OF TEACHER SELF-AWARENESS: RJ Coordinator, Kyle McClerkins discussed how he has teachers develop their own self-awareness first in order to have a restorative approach in the classroom.

SEL in Classroom: Jaymie Sacramento (Early Elementary, 1st Grade, Garfield)

SEL & READING WORKSHOP: Jaymie talks about the SEL skills essential for partner reading, shares about how she teaches those skills to students through utilizing the Caring School Community check-in meetings. This video includes students engaging in partner reading and CSC check-in meeting utilizing SEL skills.

SEL: LEARN, LIVE, TEACH: Jaymie describes how participating in the OUSD SEL demo site project has shifted her practice and how SEL Coordinator, Mary Hurley, has supported her growth.

IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIPS IN THE CLASSROOM: Jaymie talks about how creating powerful relationships is the foundation of why she teaches.  

MINDFUL TRANSITIONS TO SUPPORT ACADEMIC SUCCESS: Jaymie describes how she utilizes mindfulness to support transitions. This video includes footage of students engaging in mindful breathing and stretching.

SEL in Classroom: Aija Simmons (Upper Elementary, 5th Grade, New Highland)

SEL IN THE COMMON CORE CLASSROOM: Aija shares how she creates spaces to develop SEL skills necessary for success in the Common Core (she also speaks to how she supports ELLs).    

SELF AWARENESS THROUGH ARTS INTEGRATION: Aija discusses an arts integration project that develops resilience and identity/self-awareness in her students (clip includes b-roll of artwork).  

THE ROLE OF RELATIONSHIPS IN LEARNING: Aija describes strategies she utilizes to communicate with students and parents in order to create powerful relationships.

POWERFUL MOMENTS THAT SHIFT OUR PRACTICE: Aija shares her powerful personal story around her SEL journey.

WHY I CAME HOME TO TEACH IN OAKLAND: In this inspiring clip Aija describes how she’s from East Oakland why she decided to teach in Oakland and her hopes.  

ACADEMIC SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING IN PRACTICE: In this video Aija reflects on her daily morning ritual with students to support their development of expressive language, SEL skills, and community building. Video footage includes morning ritual.

SEL in Classroom: Morgan Kirschbaum (Middle School, 6th Grade Social Studies, Edna Brewer) Moral Reasoning

ELEMENTS OF ACADEMIC DISCUSSION THAT PROMOTE SEL: Morgan shares teacher moves for creating conditions to have a successful academic discourse. He emphasizes why Academic Discussion is important and the SEL skills needed to engage in it.

MORAL REASONING & RESPONSIBLE DECISION MAKING: Morgan discusses his involvement in Larry Nucci’s Moral Reasoning work and how this has influenced his practice.

WHY I TEACH IN OAKLAND: Morgan talks about his journey to teach in Oakland and how as a white male he builds powerful relationships with his students.

BRAIN BREAKS: Morgan discusses why and how he incorporates brain breaks into his long block periods (video footage of total health breaks).  

SEL STANCE IN THE CLASSROOM: Morgan talks about how he holds and SEL stance as a white male teacher and gives examples of how and why incorporating appreciations into each class is important to create positive climate.

SEL in Classroom: Agnes Zapata (High School, 11th Grade English, Fremont)

TEACHING IN A DIVERSE CONTEXT: Agnes discusses how chooses relevant content and employs culturally responsive approaches to teaching.

EDDA (Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age): Agnes talks about how EDDA informs her teaching and the emphasis she places on social justice and provides an example around not bullying.

THE ROSE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE: Agnes talks about how she uses 2Pac Shakur’s “Rose in Concrete” to help her students learn about resilience and strategies she employs to build community.

SELF IDENTITY INFORMING TEACHING PRACTICE: Agnes shares how her experience as a Filipina-American child of immigrant informs her teaching practice at Fremont HS.

ENGAGING HS LESSON INFUSED WITH SEL: In this video we see elements of an engaging HS English Class that simultaneously promotes pro-social behaviors.

ACCOUNTABLE TALK USING CELL PHONES: Agnes talks about how to incorporate student phones to support accountability in small group discussion. Using cell phone technology for accountable talk is something she learned through her work with EDDA.

COMMUNITY BUILDING: Agnes discusses how she builds community and creates conditions for learning among students through activities at the start of the school year.

Leadership Videos

SEL & LEADERSHIP OVER ALL VIDEO: In this video four OUSD Leaders (Kevin Taylor, Matin Abdel-Qawi, Mukta Sambrani, and Nima Tahai) reflect on SEL and how it shows up in their work at sites/central office.



Matin Abdel-Qawi, Principal – Oakland High School:

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS ACROSS CULTURES: Oakland High Principal Matin Abdel-Qawi discusses how SEL is essential for building relationships across cultures.

SEL IN SECONDARY: Oakland High Principal Matin Abdel-Qawi discusses how SEL is important in Secondary, not just Elementary.

SEL & LEADERSHIP: Oakland High Principal Matin Abdel-Qawi talks about how SEL manifests in his work as a site leader and how SEL informs his leadership practice.

USING SEL TO SHAPE SCHOOL CULTURE & CLIMATE: Oakland High Principal Matin Abdel-Qawi discusses how he used SEL to build Adult Culture and positive school climate at his site.

Mukta Sambrani, Assistant Principal – Edna Brewer Middle School:

EDUCATORS AS SEERS: In this moving clip Mukta tells her own story of how a teacher who was a “master of SEL” turned her life around in fifth grade.

SEL & RJ: Mukta talks about how SEL & RJ show up at Edna Brewer and how they are not initiatives but stances.

INTEGRATING SEL & COMMON CORE: In this video Mukta discusses how SEL is integral to Common Core and how Edna Brewer uses RJ to practice Academic Discussion.

SEL & LEADERSHIP: Mukta discusses how SEL informs her leadership practice.

Nima Tahai, Principal – Garfield Elementary School:

SEL CAN BE LEARNED: Garfield Elementary School Principal, Nima Tahai discusses how SEL skills are not innate but can be learned, taught and practiced.

CHALLENGES OF HOLDING SEL AT THE FRONT & CENTER: Nima authentically shares the challenges he has as a site leader of holding SEL as a “big rock” at Garfield.

USING CSC AT STAFF MEETINGS: Nima shares how he uses the CSC class meeting structure at staff meetings to build adult culture.

SEL & LEADERSHIP: Nima discusses how SEL informs his leadership practice.

Ron Smith & Kevin Taylor, Network Superintendents

PERSONAL SEL JOURNEY: Kevin Taylor describes his personal SEL journey growing up in Oakland and working in OUSD.

SEL & LEADERSHIP: Network Superintendents Ron Smith and Kevin Taylor discuss how SEL informs their leadership practice.

BUILDING STRONG RELATIONSHIPS: Ron Smith shares how he creates powerful relationships and how essential this is to being a good leader and moving the work.

SEL AS INTEGRAL TO LEARNING: Ron Smith discusses how SEL is integral to learning and academics.