Videos for Building Climate & Culture

Climate & Culture for the First Six Weeks

The first few weeks of school can determine how the rest of the year evolves for your class and school community. Take the time to listen to these Oakland teachers describe concrete ways they have built a greater sense of community in their classrooms — not just to give students a sense of belonging, but to give students replicable social and emotional skills they can model in the future.




SEL and Reading Workshop
Jaymie Sacramento, 1st Grade, Garfield Elementary

While watching, consider: 

  • How does this transfer to the age of students you teach?
  • How would you adapt; what would you do in a similar way?




Using an SEL Stance in the Classroom
Morgan Kirschbaum, 6th grade, Edna Brewer Middle

While watching, consider:

  • What are my baseline expectations that students can count on? How did I make those consistently clear?
  • How can I structure relationship skills to be intrinsic to my own teaching?



SEL in Community Building
Agnes Zapata, 11th grade, Fremont High

While watching, consider:

  • Which of these strategies for community-building are applicable in my own class?
  • What strategies resonate for me, and why?