SEL Board Policy

In November of 2013, Oakland Unified adopted the following Board Policy.  Click here to view the full document.

Board Policy BP 5031

Students Social Emotional Learning (SEL) The Board of Education is responsible for fostering conditions that enable every school in the Oakland Unified School District to create safe, nurturing learning environments that provide excellent instruction leading to high academic achievement, high school graduation, and preparation for success in college, career and community for all students.

OUSD believes that, foundational to all aspects of the priorities identified in its Strategic Plan, is the development of the social, emotional and physical health of all students and adults in our organization. We want all of our constituents to experience a safe, caring and inclusive environment that is accepting, supportive and respectful within an organization that sets high behavioral and rigorous learning expectations for all.

The Board of Education hereby establishes intent to:

  1. Communicate the shift in our district’s mission that we believe that SEL skills and competencies are integral to meeting the needs of the whole child, engaging high quality education and preparing all students for college, career and the community in the 21st century.

a. Implement developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate PreK-Adult SEL Standards, developed by students and adults, that integrate the social lenses defined by the OUSD community to include race, class, culture, language, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, learning needs and age.

b. Change the OUSD mission statement to include preparing all students to be fully engaged citizens in their communities in addition to their preparation for college and career in the 21st century.

2. Create an infrastructure that establishes and maintains the conditions to intentionally support the growth and development of SEL skills and competencies for both students and adults across the organization.

a. Provide structures and opportunities for ongoing and job-embedded professional development and learning for teachers, leaders and staff.

b. Provide structures and opportunities for ongoing engagement and training for families and the community partners.

3. Communicate expectations that district leadership will demonstrate the intentional practice of SEL skills and competencies.

4. Communicate and establish accountability measures that SEL skills and competencies are foundational to creating learning conditions for students and adults and are a key lever to shifting organizational culture.

5. Adopt research and evidenced-based curriculum that is aligned to the OUSD SEL Standards, SEL Program Selection Criteria, Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

6. Create and maintain a robust metrics and assessment system aligned to OUSD SEL Standards and School Quality Assessment System outlined in CORE in order to measure the growth and development of SEL skills across the PreK–Adult spectrum.

7. Request an annual report, supported by evidence, that students, teachers, leaders and staff develop, acquire and demonstrate SEL skills and competencies.