Helpful SEL Articles

Harvard Social Policy Report: Social and Emotional Learning in Schools

This issue of Social Policy Report proposes that schools should take a new approach: integrating the teaching and reinforcement of SEL skills into their daily interactions and practices with students. It explains that research warrants a new perspective and highlights a range of new approaches and support strategies that are designed to be time-­efficient, low­-cost, and integrated with (rather than distracting from) academic curricula.

What Kids Can Do’ Executive Summary

WKCD is dedicated to proving — to students and adults alike — how much positive impact and innovation students can bring to education when their ideas are heard. Learn more at the WKCD website.

How to Integrate SEL into Common Core

What does SEL have to do with Common Core State Standards? Vicki Zakrzewski of the Greater Good Science Center explains how students need SEL skills to achieve these standards.  

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SEL & Improving College and Career Readiness

SEL & Teaching the Whole Child

These articles from the American Institute for Research assesses what skills high school students need to succeed in college and beyond, and finds that the majority of them are embedded within social emotional learning standards.