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Social and Emotional Learning in Oakland Unified

Every week across the district there are a wide variety of professional learning opportunities for leaders, teachers, and staff.  While the SEL Team regularly offers its own professional learning on topics such as Growth Mindset, Working with Resistance, and SEL Foundations, we also partner with other departments to ensure that our district’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards are widely understood and practiced.

SEL Standards at Work

In January 2016, Principals and Assistant Principals each participated in their own professional learning sessions on the OUSD Social and Emotional Learning Standard for Relationships. Each group had an opportunity to focus on how the Relationship Standard can support their role as OUSD leaders. Each professional learning session provided the leaders with multiple experiences to practice and hone their listening skills.  A highlight of both sessions was the video “Its not about the Nail” as well as unpacking the Chinese character for listening.

Positive School Climate – Break down what exactly “school climate” means, and see simple strategies for strengthening it at your site.

What’s the difference between Climate and Culture? – The two are closely interlinked, but not interchangeable.

Climate Connection Toolkit – You can measure climate and culture beyond nebulous “feelings,” and this Toolkit can help.

Personalizing the Learning Environment – This collection of videos and self-assessment materials can inform you in making your school a more engaging environment for students.

Helpful Websites to Learn More:

Safe & Supportive Schools

National School Climate Center

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SEL poster sets available

Social Emotional Learning poster sets will now be available for OUSD’s classroom teachers! Each set contains six 18″x 24″ posters of the five Social Emotional Learning competencies, as well as one that displays all five.  If you are interested in receiving posters for your school site, please fill out this form.

Click below to preview or download the PDF versions:

Social Awareness
Relationship Skills
Responsible Decision-Making

NEW! Teacher Poster Guide

The SEL Poster Guide offers ideas on how to make the most of the SEL posters in your classroom. Want to share your idea with other teachers? Tell us about it here for possible publication in the SEL CONNECT!

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